There are three ways that individuals and organisations can be involved in the Next Manufacturing Revolution programme:

1. Join the Next Manufacturing Revolution Community

The Next Manufacturing Revolution website and 2degrees platform (serving over 31,000 members) will assemble, house and act as the primary dissemination points for information including the sub-sector specific case studies, expertise sharing, benchmarks and tools needed to address the information gaps and start to develop the necessary skills to drive change.

An outreach program, potentially including webinars, conferences and site visits is being led by 2degrees. This will provide information and tools, enable interactive information exchange forums and peer-to-peer discussions, develop skills amongst manufacturing staff and inspire senior executive leadership.

Individuals can subscribe on the right hand side of this page to stay abreast of developments and signup at to become an active member of the community.

Membership-based organisations and publications are welcomed to assist with this engagement and education. Interested groups can contact

2. Gain Tailored Support for your Manufacturing Company

Given that the opportunities for resource productivity improvement vary between companies, the need for a tailored approach is recognised. This tailoring will be most effective where savings will be significant (i.e. for established manufacturers).

The aim of this support, to be provided by the Next Manufacturing Revolution’s founding members and led by Lavery Pennell, is to assist companies (and the dedicated staff within them) to find the biggest opportunities available and provide advice on business case development for senior executive approval.

Established manufacturers wishing to be involved can contact

3. Contribute to Addressing the Barriers

While the above streams begin to address key barriers, more concerted action is also required, working with the different stakeholders who can together overcome them.

The barriers presented in the NMR full report, which have been reviewed by over 40 peer reviewers, are a starting point for a broader discussion amongst the manufacturing community (to be facilitated by 2degrees) which will culminate in expert workshops, ideally held by manufacturing sub-sector, to design solutions. These workshops will involve senior representatives from manufacturers, relevant government departments, leading NGOs and subject matter experts.

Once solutions to barriers are identified, roadmapping discussions will create a timeline for action and secure commitment.

The first workshop is planned for October 2013 and will be led by the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing. It will focus on the automotive sub-sector.

This collaborative approach will provide a more thorough understanding of the issues to all participants, based on a range of perspectives and provide a variety of potential solutions. We believe that this approach will create both good solutions and ensure support for these – accelerating action on resource productivity far more effectively than a list of ideas assembled in a report.

Representative bodies are sought to convene barriers and roadmapping workshops around the Next Manufacturing Revolution for their sub-sectors. Interested organisations and manufacturers wishing to participate can contact

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