NMR study to be released on 16 July

After 12 months of work, collaboration with a range of companies & organisations and over 40 peer reviewers, the Next Manufacturing Revolution study will be released on 16 July. It will be available here and if you subscribe to NMR we will send it to you.

It will present the profits, jobs and environmental improvement opportunities that UK manufacturers are currently missing, how to access them and the barriers that companies need to overcome to succeed, based on real company case studies for every sub-sector.

Every company can benefit; our research found significant variance amongst peer companies in each manufacturing sub-sector and inconsistent performance across the resource productivity areas examined. Even companies leading in a few areas were found to have opportunities to improve in others.

The study will also lay out a programme of action to assist companies to identify, quantify and build the business case for improving profits through resource productivity – addressing the barriers identified.

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