New Resource Efficiency Tool: Collaborative Treasure Hunts

Collaborative Treasure HuntYou too can benefit from a GE-style Treasure Hunt for energy savings.

GE has used Treasure Hunts to identify over a hundred millions dollars of operating cost savings through energy reduction. They bring experts from different plants and outside of the company together to examine the operations of one plant. During the Treasure Hunt they look for improvement opportunities, test ideas and write them up into an energy saving plan with costs and savings.

To be clear, a Treasure Hunt is not a sterile audit – it is a sleeves-rolled-up search for ‘pots of gold’ requiring creativity, innovation and questioning of the status quo. Participants love it – this is a chance to think outside the box and challenge historical norms.

It is not just about equipment (as most audits are); a Treasure Hunt also looks at staff behaviour and processes/systems, both of which can bring substantial savings at payback periods of less than one year.

With ESOS just around the corner, it is timely to consider how we can learn from one of the leaders in energy efficiency in how they make savings.

So we have done just that. Building on the GE format, Lavery/Pennell and 2degrees have developed a collaborative form of Treasure Hunt – bringing multiple similar (but not competing) companies together at one site to identify energy saving opportunities through sharing expertise and providing new ideas and fresh perspectives to the behaviours, processes, line design and equipment used at the site.

Here is a proven, fun way to learn while identifying cost and footprint saving opportunities – all in just one day. And with multiple companies collaborating, the facilitation costs are shared.

If you would like to participate in a Collaborative Treasure Hunt, contact Greg Lavery at to register your interest.

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