Addressing the barriers

Eight major barriers to improving non-resource productivity were found in the NMR study (click here to download the report). Four of these barriers apply to most opportunities: senior executive leadership, information, skills and resources. The other four barriers relate to specific types of opportunities and also warrant attention: design, infrastructure, legal constraints and collaboration.

A programme to address these barriers has been developed in consultation with a range of multinational manufacturers, relevant government departments, NGOs and experts around the world. It comprises three streams:

  1. Establishment of an NMR Community, for broad engagement and education. This will provide in-depth information, research, tools and interactive information exchange forums. This is designed to build skills and awareness, while inspiring senior executive action. The NMR Community will be openly accessible to all, using the Next Manufacturing Revolution website and the 2degrees platform currently serving over 31,000 members.
  2. Tailored support, providing assistance for individual organisations. The Next Manufacturing Revolution founding members will work with established manufacturers to identify opportunities for resource productivity improvements, help to construct the investment case for these, and engage senior executives. This will help develop opportunity awareness and provide access to the necessary skills.
  3. Barriers resolution and rollout. While the above streams begin to address the key barriers, more concerted action is required to eliminate them. This will require collaboration amongst the various stakeholders who can together overcome the barriers to improving non-labour resource productivity. A series of workshops, consulting widely to understand all of the issues and then focussing within small group of senior experts from business, government, NGOs, and academia, will begin in the second half of 2013. The outcome from each will be a plan of action with agreed milestones and commitment to address the barriers.

Implementation of this programme is now underway; collaboration with government, member organisations, other NGOs and established manufacturers will assist to accelerate this programme. The Next Manufacturing Revolution welcomes such organisations seeking to participate (click here to learn how you can participate).

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